Peptides With Laminin Activity

Peptides with laminin activity, including YIGSR, are claimed. These peptides block angiogenesis, alter the formation of capillary structures by endothelial cells, prevent the formation of excess blood vessels in tissue and inhibit in vivo tumor cell colonization of tissues. These peptides can be used, among other things, to inhibit metastasis.

Potential Commercial Applications: Competitive Advantages:
  • cancer therapeutic
  • research reagent
  • encourage cell adhesion
  • inhibits metastasis and angiogenesis

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Intellectual Property:
U.S. Pat: 5,092,885 issued 1992-03-03

Y Iwamoto, M Nomizu, Y Yamada, Y Ito, K Tanaka, Y Sugioka. Inhibition of angiogenesis, tumor growth and experimental metastasis of human fibrosarcoma cell HT 1080 by a multimeric form of the laminin sequence Tyr-Ile-Ser-Arg (Y-I-G-S-R). B.J. Cancer 73:589, 1996.
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J Graf, Y Iwamoto, M Sasaki, GR Martin, HK Kleinman, FA Robey, Y Yamada. Identification of an amino acid sequence in laminin mediating cell attachment, chemotaxis, and receptor binding. Cell 1987 Mar 27;48(6):989-9.

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