Simian T-Cell Lymphotropic Virus Strain Type 3 (STLV-3) Subtype D Variant, a Highly Divergent STLV-3, for Development of Diagnostics, Therapeutics, Vaccines and Research Tools

Simian T-cell lymphotropic viruses (STLV) are nonhuman primate retroviruses closely related to the human T-lymphotropic virus (HTLV). Types I, II, and III of HTLV have been found in humans and are believed to have originated from cross-species transmission of STLV from infected nonhuman primates. The HTLV viruses are known to cause leukemia, lymphoma, and neurological disorders.

CDC researchers discovered a strain of simian T-cell lymphotropic virus type 3 known as STLV-3 subtype D variant. STLV-3 may be widespread in primates hunted in West-Central Africa, including the monkey Cercopithecus mona, which has a known geographic habitat range from Ghana to Cameroon. This increases the risk to hunters and persons in contact with primate bushmeat for infection with STLV-3-like viruses. Thus, the discovery of the highly divergent STLV-3 subtype D variant implies that a similar virus (HTLV-3) subtype D variant could be spreading undetected in humans.

Potential Commercial Applications: Competitive Advantages:
  • Diagnostic reagents for clinical and research testing for STLV-3-like viruses in humans
  • Diagnostic reagents for screening the blood supply for STLV-3 subtype D variant
  • Testing of divergent strains of STLV and HTLV for susceptibility to known or experimental antiretrovirals (ARV drugs) using in vitro assays
  • Reagents for vaccines to HTLV
  • Zoonosis monitoring and surveillance
  • Simian/human T-cell lymphotropic virus research
  • Allows for detection of STLV strain STLV-3 subtype D variant
  • Facilitates monitoring of viral diversity and study of zoonotic disease transmission

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Intellectual Property:
U.S. Pat: 8,663,968 issued 2014-03-04
US Application No. 12/600,995
US Application No. 14/013,947
International patents granted in Australia, Canada, and Europe.

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The CDC Technology Transfer Office (TTO) is seeking statements of capability or interest from parties interested in collaborative research to further develop, evaluate, or commercialize: Simian T-Cell Lymphotropic Virus Strain Type 3 (STLV-3) Subtype D Variant for Development of Diagnostics, Therapeutics, Vaccines and Research Tools For collaboration opportunities, please contact CDC TTO at or 1-404-639-1330.

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