Modifications of HIV Env, Gag and Pol Enhance Immunogenicity for Genetic Immunization

Protective immunity against human immunodeficiency virus-1 (HIV-1) is likely to require recognition of linear and conformation epitopes from multiple HIV antigens. This invention relates to modified HIV Env, Gag and Pol DNA and proteins with improved ability to elicit antibody and CTL responses. The Env DNA has been modified to expose the core protein for optimal antigen presentation and recognition. This invention also relates to a Gag-Pol fusion protein that is a polyprotein designed to maximize epitope presentation. The effect of specific mutations in HIV-1 Env on humoral and cellular immune responses after DNA vaccination has been investigated. The modifications of Env enhance antibody production to this viral protein that may facilitate the generation of broadly neutralizing antibodies to HIV. In addition, the immune response to HIV-1 Gag and Pol after plasmid DNA immunization with Rev-independent expression vectors encoding various forms of these proteins has been examined. The Gag-Pol fusion protein induced the most broad and potent CTL responses to Gag and Pol in DNA-vaccinated mice. These DNA sequences and proteins may be important immunogens for the treatment and prevention of HIV infection.


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