Single Channel MRI Guidewire

The invention offered for licensing and commercial development is in the field of Interventional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (“iMRI”). More specifically the invention discloses a guidewire for magnetic resonance imaging with a single channel design to reduce complexity and to provide conspicuous tip visibility under MRI. In the design of the present device, the guidewire body includes an antenna formed from a rod and a helical coil coupled together. The helical coil can have multiple windings without a gap between the windings. The rod passes through the windings of the helical coil and is coupled to the helical coil using a conductive joint positioned at an end of the rod and at an end of the helical coil. Insulation can be positioned between the rod and the windings of the helical coil. The configuration allows visibility of the antenna along the length of a rod, except where it enters the windings of the coil. Thus, the tip visibility is enhanced as being separated from the rod.

Potential Commercial Applications: Competitive Advantages:
  • Interventional cardiology
  • MRI guided surgery
  • The unique design of the device and its dipole antenna, provide a lower profile guidewire (such as coronary 0.014: guidewire) and it is therefore safer and more convenient to use compared with existing guidewires.
  • The modified dipole antenna of the device can combine the distinct tip signal profile typical of loop antennae with the whole-shaft visibility of dipole antennae, all operating on a single receiver channel. This overcomes challenges both of conspicuity and of undesirable coupling of comparable two-channel devices that causes heating.

Development Stage:
In development. Prototype is being built.

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Intellectual Property:
US Application No. 61/429,833
PCT Application No. PCT/US2012/020139
US Application No. 13/977,557

Kocaturk O, Kim AH, Saikus CE, Guttman MA, Faranesh AZ, Ozturk C, Lederman RJ. Active two-channel 0.035" guidewire for interventional cardiovascular MRI. J Magn Reson Imaging. 2009 Aug;30(2):461-465. PubMed: 19629968
Qian D, El-Sharkawy AM, Atalar E, Bottomley PA. Interventional MRI: tapering improves the distal sensitivity of the loopless antenna. Magn Reson Med. 2010 Mar;63(3):797-802. PubMed: 20187186

Collaboration Opportunity:

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute is seeking statements of capability or interest from parties interested in collaborative research to further develop, evaluate, or commercialize technology involving single channel MRI guidewires. Please contact Peg Koelble at for more information.

Licensing Contact:
Michael Shmilovich, J.D.
Phone: 301-435-5019

OTT Reference No: E-274-2010-0
Updated: Mar 4, 2011