Candidate DNA HIV Vaccine

NIH is pleased to announce as available for licensing technology related to HIV vaccines, which involves a vaccine candidate that is in phase I clinical trials. The subject technology is from a broad scientific program directed toward development of an HIV vaccine that will generate cellular and humoral immunity to HIV from different clades, which vary in regions throughout the world and which is a critical aspect to be addressed by an HIV vaccine to be administered worldwide. The vaccine candidate described herein is one of the first multiclade-component HIV vaccines to enter into clinical trials. This technology describes a candidate HIV vaccine comprising six DNA constructs, each expressing different HIV proteins, HIV Env from clades A, B, and C, and the Gag, Pol, and Nef proteins from clade B. Phase I clinical trials for this vaccine combination are currently underway. The DNA expression vectors described herein were designed to maximize protein expression levels. This technology offers a promising approach in the HIV vaccine field.


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Intellectual Property:
US Application No. PCT/US2005/025219
PCT Application No. 13/010,141

Licensing Contact:
Carol Salata, Ph.D.
Phone: 240-627-3727

OTT Reference No: E-267-2004-0
Updated: Apr 1, 2005