Biological/Research Material for HIV Vaccine Research

Offered for licensing is a recombinant attenuated vaccinia virus, MVA, that expresses SIV 239gagpol. The materials can be used for research purposes and in particular in the area of HIV/AIDS vaccines.

Plasmid insertion vector pJH-4, containing the foreign gene SIV 239 GagPol controlled by vaccinia early/late promoter, inserts into del III of attenuated vaccinia MVA virus to make recombinant MVA virus. The resulting recombinant virus made from pJH4, MVA/SIV239gagpol, expresses the SIV 239gagpol gene and thus can be used to conduct vaccine studies in animal models such as Rhesus macaques.

The list of publications shown below demonstrates the usefulness of this biological material in HIV vaccine research.

Potential Commercial Applications: Competitive Advantages:
  • Research reagents useful in research and development in the area of HIV/AIDS vaccines.

Development Stage:
Fully developed. Material has been used extensively in research.

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Intellectual Property:
Research Material - Patent protection is not being pursued for this technology.

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Licensing Contact:
Benjamin Hurley, Ph.D.
Phone: 240-669-5092

OTT Reference No: E-258-2009-0
Updated: Sep 10, 2015