Polyclonal Antibodies to the Kidney Protein Sodium-Hydrogen Exchanger 3 (NHE3)

Antibodies to NHE3, useful for immunoblotting and immunocytochemistry, are available to resell for research purposes. NHE3 is a membrane Na+/H+ exchanger involved in maintenance of fluid volume homeostasis in the kidney. It is expressed on the apical membrane of the renal proximal tubule and plays a major role in NaCl and HCO3 absorption. The inventor has developed rabbit polyclonal antibodies directed against a peptide sequence common to human, rat and mouse NHE3.

Potential Commercial Applications: Competitive Advantages:
Western blotting and immunocytochemistry 


Mark Knepper (NHLBI)  ➽ more inventions...

Intellectual Property:
Research Tool -- patent protection is not being pursued for this technology


Licensing Contact:
Michael Shmilovich, J.D.
Email: shmilovm@mail.nih.gov
Phone: 301-435-5019

OTT Reference No: E-253-2008-0
Updated: May 5, 2009