A Unique Infectious Hepatitis C Virus Clone, Strain HC-TN (genotype 1a)

It is anticipated that this infectious clone of hepatitis C virus (HCV) strain HC-TN (genotype 1a) will be useful for the development of vaccines and antiviral drugs that target HCV, genotype 1a. The HC-TN strain is unique because it has been shown to cause fulminant hepatitis. To date, only one other HCV strain, JFH1 (genotype 1b), has been isolated that is known to cause fulminant hepatitis. Additionally, little is known about the etiology of fulminant hepatitis C disease. Therefore, the HC-TN strain may be useful as a tool for studying the etiology of fulminant hepatitis. This invention includes the infectious clone, nucleotide sequences of the clone, and polypeptides encoded by the HC-TN clone. Methods are included for producing attenuated HCV, and for screening therapeutics against HCV and developing vaccines and diagnostics.

Apparently, no companies or other laboratories have this HC-TN strain. The availability of the pHC-TN clone will be highly useful to pharmaceutical companies since no further research is required for its commercialization into, e.g., assays for testing antiviral compounds targeting HCV.

Potential Commercial Applications: Competitive Advantages:
  • Production of attenuated viruses and polypeptides
  • HCV vaccines, diagnostics, therapeutics and screening tool for anti-HCV compounds
 There is no universally effective therapy against HCV infection. This invention enables development of vaccines, diagnostics and therapeutics that are specific for the HC-TN strain or HCV genotype 1a.

Development Stage:
The technology is currently in the preclinical stage of development.


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Intellectual Property:
U.S. Pat: 7,678,569 issued 2010-03-16
US Application No. 12/637,696
No foreign rights available.

A Sakai et al. In vivo study of the HC-TN strain of hepatitis C virus recovered from a patient with fulminant hepatitis: RNA transcripts of a molecular clone (pHC-TN) are infectious in chimpanzees but not in Huh7.5 cells. J Virol. 2007 July;81(13):7208-7219. PubMed abs

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