Inexpensive, Personal Dust Detector Tube/Dosimeter Operating on a Gas Detector Tube Platform

This CDC developed dust detector tube is designed to provide inexpensive, short-term, time weighted average dust exposure data feedback directly to device users. This invention operates upon a conventional gas detector tube platform and can be used with any low volume pump that can electronically measure pump back pressure. The device consists of three sections: the first defines the size of the dust and removes moisture, the second uses a filter whose pressure differential corresponds with cumulative dust loading, and a final section employs a pressure transducer.

Current methods require expensive instantaneous and short-term monitors or gravimetric filters that must be carefully pre- and post-weighed to determine the average dust exposure of a user's work-shift. This novel dust dosimeter fills the need for an inexpensive short-term determination of personal dust exposure aiding in the assessment and preservation of worker respiratory health.

Potential Commercial Applications: Competitive Advantages:
  • Dust, gas and particulate detector/dosimeter manufacturers
  • Industry applications where worker-exposure to dust will be a concern, especially mining, construction and demolition fields
  • Worker health and safety, related insurance agency concerns
  • Provides inexpensive, short-term assessment of personal dust exposure
  • Gas detector tube platform makes commercialization of this instrument quite simple and efficient for related manufacturers/distributors
  • Standardizing detection platforms increases cost-efficiency (especially for smaller companies) as the same pump can be used to measure both dust and gas

Development Stage:
In situ data available (on-site)


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Intellectual Property:
PCT Pat: 6,401,520 issued 2002-06-11
US Application No. 60/052,719 filed on 1997-07-03
US Application No. 09/467,934 filed on 1999-12-21

Volkwein JC, et al. PMID 10712071

Licensing Contact:
Karen Surabian, J.D., M.B.A.
Phone: 301-594-9719

OTT Reference No: E-238-2013-0
Updated: Feb 6, 2014