Detection of Retroviruses and HIV-1 Groups -M and -O Discrimination within Clinical Serum Samples

CDC researchers have developed methods for detecting retroviruses within a patient blood sample and discriminating HIV-1 samples within serum specimens. HIV-1 can be genetically classified into two major groups, group M (major) and Group O (outlier) with group O comprising all divergent viruses that do not cluster with group M. The identification of group O infections raised public health concerns about the safety of the blood supply because HIV-1 screening by group M-based serologic tests does not consistently detect group O infection.

The assay is based on the selective inhibition of Amp-RT reactivity of Group M viruses by nevirapine, a non-nucleoside RT inhibitor. Group O viruses can be generically identified by the resistance of their Amp-RT activity to nevirapine. The assay can be used to screening of the blood supply and to rapidly differentiate group M from group O virus.

Potential Commercial Applications: Competitive Advantages:
  • Clinical monitoring of individual patient antiretroviral therapy
  • HIV/AIDS public health programs
  • Surveillance of retroviral drug resistance
  • Screening of blood donations
  • Rapid diagnostic which greatly reduces time and labor for improved clinical monitoring of HIV treatment
  • Ready for commercialization
  • Easily adapted to kit format
  • Assists continued usefulness of common antiretroviral therapeutics
  • Useful for high-throughput serum samples screening

Development Stage:
In vitro data available

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Intellectual Property:
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US Application No. 08/379,851 filed on 1995-01-27
Various international patents issued or pending

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