A Second CD4-binding Region of HIV-1 gp120 Critical for Viral Infectivity: New Methods for Treatment and Vaccine Development

It is believed that immunization with an effective immunogen based on the HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein can elicit a neutralizing antibody response, which may be protective against HIV-1 infection. NIAID researchers have discovered a new critical component of the CD4-binding site in gp120, named CD4-BS2, which is exclusively formed in the trimeric envelope conformation. It was further found that this newly recognized region is critical for the progression of the fusogenic mechanism that leads to HIV-1 entry and infection of the cells. This discovery may lead to new methods of treatment, for treating HIV-1, as well as to the production of new vaccine immunogens.

Potential Commercial Applications: Competitive Advantages:
  • New target for HIV therapeutic and vaccine development
  • A new molecular target discovered in this invention may facilitate the development of next-generation HIV therapeutics and vaccines


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Intellectual Property:
US Pat: - issued -
PCT Application No. PCT/US2017/017038 filed on 2017-02-08

Liu Q, et al. PMID: 28218750

Collaboration Opportunity:

The Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Office (TTIPO) is seeking parties interested in collaborative research to further co-develop HIV-1 vaccines and/or inhibitors that target the newly recognized region. For collaboration opportunities, please contact Chris Kornak at chris.kornak@nih.gov or 240-627-3705.

Licensing Contact:
Christopher Kornak, J.D.
Email: chris.kornak@nih.gov
Phone: 240-627-3705

OTT Reference No: E-230-2015-0
Updated: May 3, 2017