Real-time PCR Assays for Human Bocavirus Detection and Diagnosis

CDC researchers have developed a real-time PCR assay for the detection and viral-load quantitative estimations of human bocavirus (HBoV) from clinical specimens. At present, there have been few reports on the epidemiology, geographic distribution or clinical features of HBoV infection. Additionally, symptoms affiliated with bocavirus infections overlap with numerous other respiratory illnesses. This CDC assay provides sensitive, specific, and quantitative detection of HBoV in patients with respiratory illness by a method of real-time PCR targeting the HBoV NS1 and NP-1 genes. Use of this assay in conjunction with additional diagnostic methods and treatments should facilitate improved diagnosis and, subsequently, directed treatment and patient outcome.

Potential Commercial Applications: Competitive Advantages:
  • Human bocavirus (HBoV) research tools
  • Respiratory illness diagnostics and research
  • Public health surveillance
  • Confirmation/diagnosis of HBoV infection
  • Specific and sensitive
  • Capable of rapid HBoV detection and distinction from alternate respiratory-illness linked pathogens
  • Superior to other HBoV detection methods in cost-efficiency, accuracy and quantitation of viral load

Development Stage:
In vitro data available


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Intellectual Property:
US Pat: - issued -
PCT Application No. PCT/US09/037142 filed on 2009-03-13
US Application No. 12/922,364 filed on 2010-09-13
Research Tool – Patent protection is no longer being pursued for this technology.

Lu X, et al. PMID 16954253

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