Ixodes Salivary Anticomplement Protein

This invention describes Isac, a novel anticomplement protein that can be isolated and purified from I. scapularis (tick) saliva that may be useful as a peptide vaccine against Lyme disease. Because inactivation of Isac by antibodies will make transmission of Borrelia burgdorferi to humans more difficult, Isac is an ideal candidate for a Lyme disease vaccine. Isac disrupts the alternative complement pathway by inhibiting factors Bb and/or C3b, preventing cell lysis and anaphylatoxin production. The inventors have found no similarity to any protein in GenBank for Isac. Isac may also be used in situations where alternative complement activation is implicated such as in rheumatoid conditions such as lupus erythematosus or juvenile arthritis.


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Intellectual Property:
PCT Pat: 7,153,947 issued 2006-12-26
US Application No. 10/403,182 filed on 2003-03-28

Valenzuela JG, et al. PMID 10749868

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