Simple, Rapid, and Sensitive Real-Time PCR Assays for Detecting Drug Resistance of HIV

This novel assay features real-time PCR reagents and methods for detecting drug-resistance related mutations in HIV, for newly diagnosed patients and those individuals currently receiving antiretroviral therapies. As the use of antiretroviral compounds to treat HIV infection proliferates, viruses adapt and evolve mutations limiting the efficacy of these drugs and disrupting the success of treatment. To address this problem, CDC researchers have developed this RT-PCR assay, intended for diagnosis of different point mutations in patient samples at an achievable sensitivity of 1-2 log greater than conventional point-mutation sequencing methods. More specifically, this assay measures the differential amplifications of common and mutation-specific reactions that target specific codons of interest. Given its low cost, simplicity, high-throughput capability, and tremendous diagnostic sensitivity, this assay will be useful for detection and surveillance of drug resistance-associated mutations and will aid in the clinical management of HIV infection.

Potential Commercial Applications: Competitive Advantages:
  • Clinical management of HIV infected patients
  • Pre-treatment evaluation baseline HIV infection to tailor appropriate drug combinations
  • Monitor the spread of resistant viruses
  • Blood donation screening
  • Research tool to study emergence and biology of drug resistance mutations
  • Cost-effective
  • Sensitive and rapid
  • Capable of resistance mutation detection in both subtype B and non-B subtypes of HIV -1, and in HIV-2
  • Easily formatted for use in kits
  • High-throughput capable

Development Stage:
In vitro data available


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