Assay for the Detection of a Variety of Tumors in Biological Specimens

The inventors have developed methods and reagents for the detection of bone sialoprotein (BSP) in biological samples. The technology relates to the disruption of a serum complex that masks the majority of BSP from established detection systems. Furthermore, there is evidence that there may be a more acidic form of BSP secreted not by normal bone, but only by tumors. Detection of BSP in serum may be a good marker of various bone diseases and a variety of cancers including breast, prostate, lung, and thyroid.


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Intellectual Property:
US Pat: 6,995,018 issued 2006-02-07
AU Application No. 00923174.7 filed on 2000-04-07
US Application No. 60/128,468 filed on 1999-04-09
DE Application No. PCT/US00/09349 filed on 2000-04-07

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