N6, A Novel, Broad, Highly Potent HIV-specific Antibody

This is a new antibody coming out of NIAID’s intramural program. N6 has evolved a unique mode of binding that depends less on a variable area of the HIV envelope known as the V5 region and focuses more on conserved regions, which change relatively little among HIV strains. This allows N6 to tolerate changes in the HIV envelope, including the attachment of sugars in the V5 region, a major mechanism by which HIV develops resistance to other VRC01-class antibodies. N6 was shown in pre-clinical studies to neutralize 98 percent of HIV isolates tested. The studies also demonstrate that N6 neutralizes 80 percent of HIV isolates which were resistant to other antibodies of the same class, and does so very potently. Its breadth and potency makes N6 a highly desirable candidate for development in therapeutic or prophylactic strategies.

Potential Commercial Applications: Competitive Advantages:
  • HIV therapeutic
  • HIV prophylactic
  • Neutralized 98 percent of HIV isolates tested
  • Neutralized 80 percent of HIV isolates which were resistant to other antibodies of the same class, and does so very potently


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Intellectual Property:
US Pat: 10,562,960 issued 2020-02-18
US Application No. 62/136,228 filed on 2015-03-20
US Application No. 62/250,378 filed on 2015-11-03
PCT Application No. PCT/US2016/023145 filed on 2016-03-18
US Application No. 16/786,267 filed on 2020-02-10

Huang J, et al. PMID27851912

Collaboration Opportunity:

The Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Office (TTIPO) is seeking parties interested in collaborative research to further co-develop this technology. For collaboration opportunities, please contact Chris Kornak at chris.kornak@nih.gov or 240-627-3705.

Licensing Contact:
Christopher Kornak, J.D.
Email: chris.kornak@nih.gov
Phone: 240-627-3705

OTT Reference No: E-131-2015-0
Updated: Mar 15, 2017