Diagnostic Reagents And Vaccines For Multiple Genotypes Of Hepatitis C Virus

The invention describes the complete nucleotide and deduced amino acid sequences of the envelope 1 (E1) gene of 51 hepatitis C virus (HCV) isolates from around the world and the grouping of these isolates into twelve distinct HCV genotypes. More specifically, this invention relates to the oligonucleotides, peptides and recombinant proteins derived from the envelope 1 gene sequences of these isolates and to diagnostic methods and vaccines that employ these reagents.


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PCT Pat: 5,514,539 issued 1996-05-07
US Pat: 5,871,962 issued 1999-02-16
US Pat: 6,572,864 issued 2003-06-03
US Application No. 08/466,601 filed on 1995-06-06

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