STRL33, A Human Fusion Accessory Factor Associated With HIV Infection

STRL33 is a seven transmembrane domain G protein coupled receptor which appears to be a novel chemokine receptor-like protein functioning as a fusion cofactor for both macrophage-tropic and T cell-tropic HIV-1. Cells expressing STRL33 along with CD4 are capable of fusing with cells expressing the envelope glycoprotein (env) of M-tropic and T-tropic HIV-1 variants, thereby mediating fusion with a wider range of variants than other cofactors identified to date. As the STRL33 protein appears to be directly related to the development of HIV infection and progression to AIDS, agents which are capable of blocking the STRL33 receptor may represent valuable tools for use in the prevention or treatment of HIV-1/AIDS. Polynucleotides and polypeptides are provided by the invention. Therapeutic approaches and pharmaceutical compositions are claimed, as are research uses, and are available for licensing.


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