Three-Dimensional Curved Catheter for Right Atrial Appendage Traversal

Available for licensing and commercial development is a three-dimensionally configured curved catheter for safe traversal of the right atrial appendage (RAA). The device is configured to optimize one-way access of the pericardial space through the right atrium and into the RAA reducing the risk of coronary lacerations. Specifically the curved catheter is best described in three segments: a proximal segment, a transitional segment and a distal segment; the transition segment having a clockwise spiral shaped curvature. When inserted into a patient, the proximal segment is positioned within the inferior vena cava, the transition segment extends across the caval-atrial junction and curves rightward, forward, and upward such that the catheter abuts a right lateral wall of the right atrium, and the distal segment curves leftward, forward, and upward from the transition segment through the right atrium such that the catheter abuts an anterior wall of the right atrium adjacent to the RAA. The catheter is configured to guide a coaxial puncturing device to through the superior left sulcal wall of the RAA.

Potential Commercial Applications: Competitive Advantages:
  • Left atrial appendage ligation
  • Circumferential tricuspid annuloplasty
  • Epicardial ablation
  • Reduced risk of coronary or myocardial laceration

Development Stage:
  • Early-stage
  • Prototype

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Intellectual Property:
US Pat: - issued -
PCT Application No. PCT/US2016/031461 filed on 2016-05-09
US Application No. 15/571,342 filed on 2017-11-02

Collaboration Opportunity:

The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute is seeking statements of capability or interest from parties interested in collaborative research to further develop, evaluate or commercialize devices for pericardial interventional procedures. For collaboration opportunities, please contact Peg Koelble at 301-594-4095 or

Licensing Contact:
Pragnesh Mistry,
Phone: 301-435-4616

OTT Reference No: E-078-2015-0
Updated: Sep 9, 2015