Novel HIV Related Peptides

This invention concerns novel peptides that selectively react with sera from people who are HIV infected. The peptides were selected by screening random peptide libraries displayed phages with sera from long-term non-progressor (LTNP) subjects followed by counterscreening with non-infected sera. The peptides are potentially useful as vaccines against HIV, and to raise antisera for passive immunization against HIV. In fact, the peptides behaved as antigenic mimics of linear or conformational HIV-1 epitopes generated in vivo in subjects infected with different HIV-1 strains and quasispecies. Moreover, the selected epitopes fulfilled the requirements for an effective immunogen; in fact, the inventors have shown that antisera from immunized mice decrease HIV replication in an in vitro assay. Claimed are the methodology, which allows the identification of pools of HIV-specific peptides by taking advantage of the HIV-specific antibody repertoire induced by the natural infection; peptides, alone or as part of larger vaccine constructs; and antibodies raised against the peptides.


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