Enhanced, Targeted Delivery for DNA Vaccines

Available for licensing from the NIH is a fusion protein for enhanced gene delivery. Exemplary proteins for achieving this improvement comprise an adenovirus serotype 5 fiber, penton base and core protein V fused to the DNA binding domain of HMG. In vitro studies have shown the effectiveness of the chimeric protein-DNA vaccine co-administration by an increase in uptake of ten to twenty fold. In particular, the plasmid with the chimeric core protein V was delivered efficiently to dendritic cells (DC) as well as 293T cells. The utilization of this chimeric protein could further enhance the immune response elicited by DNA vaccines.

Potential Commercial Applications: Competitive Advantages:
Improved DNA vaccine delivery and uptake 


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Intellectual Property:
US Application No. 12/092,811
PCT Application No. PCT/US2006/044525
US Application No. 60/795,529
US Application No. 60/737,896

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OTT Reference No: E-043-2006-0
Updated: May 1, 2007