Cell Culture System for Efficient Expression of Self-Replicating Norwalk Virus

Available for licensing and commercial development is a cell culture system for the efficient expression of self-replicating Norwalk virus (NV) RNA (NV replicons). This invention provides compositions and methods for preparing a cell-based system for molecular studies of NV replication and the development of antiviral drugs. A method related to effectively clearing NV replicons, by subjecting cells infected with NV replicon to IFN-alpha is included that demonstrates the applicability of this invention to drug development. A method of effectively clearing NV replicons, by subjecting cells expressing the NV replicon to nucleotide analogues is also provided. These methods provide molecular tools for the identification and development of treatments for NV and may also extend to other members of the Calicivirus(es) (e.g., Norovirus, Sapovirus, Lagovirus and Vesivirus).


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