Rapid Integration Site Mapping

This invention describes a novel method for mapping retroviral integration sites within genomic DNA. The invention provides for rapid integration profiling with reduced labor and time required and reduces the inherent biases resulting from other techniques.

The technology uses pre-selected frequent cutting restriction enzymes and proprietary linkers to produce smaller amplicons that, in practice, reduce the bias effects of other more commonly used mapping techniques that often include linear amplification as a first step. Further, the technology does not require the use of measurable phenotypic characteristics to analysis or distinguish integration events. Thus, knowledge of potential cellular changes is not required. This invention can be used to provide rapid, cost-effective screening of cells treated with retroviruses for gene therapy. The ability to identify potentially harmful integrations and eliminating them from therapeutic use is essential for safer gene therapy applications.


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Intellectual Property:
US Application No. 11/101,299 filed on 2005-04-06

Additional information may be found in X. Wu et al., “Transcription Start Regions in the Human Genome are Favored Targets for MLV Integration”, Science Jun 13 2003 300:1749-1751.

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