Thanda Wai

Monitoring and Enforcement Officer

Dr. Wai joined the OTT in 2006. Prior to joining the NIH, Dr. Wai held various positions including: IP Asset Manager and Head of the Patent Depository at ATCC; IPR Specialist at the International Rice Research Institute in the Philippines; Patent Advisor at the USDA-ARS-OTT; Patent Examiner in biotechnology at the USPTO; and Research Biologist at a major pharmaceutical company. Dr. Wai was awarded a postdoctoral Molecular Biologist fellowship at the USDA-ARS after receiving her Ph.D. from Michigan State University jointly from the Genetics Program (both plant and animal genetics) and the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology. She received an M.S. degree in cell biology from the University of Cincinnati and a B.S. in cell, molecular, and developmental biology from McGill University.