The Study of Women's Health Across the Nation (SWAN) Repository

The Study of Women's Health Across the Nation (SWAN) Repository, supported by the National Institute of Aging was established in 1994. The goal of the SWAN repository is to describe the biological, behavioral, and psychosocial characteristics that occur during midlife and the menopausal transition. SWAN focuses on the impact of menopause on age-related chronic diseases, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, depression, bone loss and osteoporosis, as well as physical and cognitive functioning. SWAN has seven clinical study sites located in six states, two in California, and one each in Chicago, Boston, Detroit area, northern New Jersey and Pittsburgh. The SWAN Repository is the biospecimen bank of the SWAN study. All stored specimens are from the 3,302 SWAN participants. There are currently nearly 1.8 million samples, collected across the 14 clinic visits. Both SWAN Specimens and Data are available to the scientific community.

The SWAN Repository contains blood and urine specimens, collected at each study participant's annual visit. In addition, a subset of participants provide urine samples over the length of one menstrual cycle each year. All of these samples are in the SWAN Repository, stored at -70°, and are available to researchers who wish to study the midlife and menopausal transition. A DNA repository, containing two types of specimens: whole blood and sputum pellets and immortalized cells, is being developed with approximately 50% of anticipated samples collected to date. All DNA samples are stored in liquid nitrogen.

Scientists who use SWAN Repository specimens can also request data collected at participant's annual visits. Medical and health history, psychosocial measures, biological measures, and anthropometry are collected during the annual visit. 

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