Recombinant of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Expressing Green and/or Red Fluorescent Protein

The biological materials RSV expressing green and/or red fluorescent proteins are available for licensing as research tools for antiviral drug screening or for studying infection and replication of the virus in real time in cultured cells. RSV is the most important viral respiratory pathogen in infants and thus is a major target for development of antiviral agents. The fluorescent protein markers allow rapid quantification of the extent of virus infection and are easily used in conjunction with common apparatuses such as 96-well plates and fluorescence plate readers.

These viruses are produced by the reverse genetic system as described in U.S. Patent 6,264,957 (issued July 24, 2001 to Dr. Peter Collins of the NIAID). This reverse genetic system is also available for licensing (DHHS Reference No. E-187-1995/2-US-01), including all of the plasmids necessary to make the recombinant viruses.


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This research has been described, in part, in Hallak et al., Virology 271:264-275, 2000; Zhang et al., J. Virol. 76:5654-5666, 2002; Techaarpornkul et al., Virology 294:296-304, 2002.

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