Plasmids Expressing START Domains of StAR and MLN64

Steroidogenic acute regulatory protein (StAR) manages acute steroidogenesis in the adrenal cortex and gonads by promoting the translocation of cholesterol to the mitochondrial inner membrane where initial steroid biosynthesis is catalyzed. Within StAR are StAR related lipid transfer (START) domains which are 200-210 amino acid motifs that occur in a remarkably wide range of proteins involved in diverse cell functions such as lipid transport and metabolism, signal transduction and transcription regulation. The closest homolog to StAR is MLN64, with 35% sequence identity between their START domains.

The technology embodied in this invention encompasses plasmids expressing START domains of StAR and MLN64. These fragments enable expression of proteins for many biochemical studies and specifically towards cholesterol transfer in acute steroidegenesis. Possible commercial applications include targets for cancer treatment to known over expressed MLN64 in breast carcinoma.


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Updated: Feb 1, 2001