Cell Line Which Expresses the GLU4 Glucose Transporter Isoform

Insulin regulates glucose uptake by inducing the translocation of GLUT4, a glucose transporter isoform expressed in fat and muscle, from intracellular components to the plasma membrane. The NIH announces the discovery of a cell line that expresses the GLUT4 glucose transporter isoform with a short hemaglutin peptide (HA) and a modified green fluorescent protein (GFP). The HA peptide is recognized by a specific antibody when GLUT4 is in the plasma membrane but not when GLUT4 is sequestered inside the cell. The modified GFP can be detected by its fluorescence whether it is inside the cell or on the cell surface. This allows the HA label to quantitate the GLUT4 subcellular distribution and the GFP label, the total GLUT4 expression. Therefore, this invention can be used in high through-put screening, as an assay reagent, and it may aid specifically in ascertaining compounds that have the insulin-like effect of stimulating GLU4 translocation from an intracellular compartment to the cell surface.


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Updated: Oct 1, 2000