Production Of Infectious Respiratory Syncytial Virus From Cloned Nucleotide Sequences

This invention is a method of producing infectious RSV from cDNA encoding the RSV replicative intermediate RNA and cDNA encoding the N, P, L and M2(ORF1) proteins of RSV, which are used to transfect a cell. Claimed are cells or cell lysates comprising these cDNA molecules, recombinant RSV and methods of producing the recombinant RSV. The invention is particularly useful for producing mutant RSV as attenuated RSV vaccine candidates. Mutations in the RSV genome known to have an attenuated phenotype can be placed together in the RSV genome using known techniques and made into infectious RSV using the invention. Vaccine candidates can be stably stored as cDNA molecules and modified as needed, for example to accommodate genetic drift in circulating RSV. The invention is described in P.N.A.S. 92, 11563-11567, 1995.


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Updated: Nov 1, 1996