Substantially Pure Non-IL-2 T-Cell Growth Factors

The invention provides isolated interleukin-T in human form, along with the methods for isolating the interleukin, and its respective non-IL-2 T-Cell growth factor and antibodies.

T cells play both regulatory and effector functions in human immune responses that are often mediated by interleukins. Interleukins are highly redundant and pleitrophic, controlling a wide range of functions. Abnormalities of interleukin and interleukin receptor systems are observed with a broad array of human diseases, including the forms of leukemia and autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis that are caused by human T-cell lymphotropic virus-I. Thus, the invention could be used to treat a disorder associated with immune function, such as cancer, AIDS or other immunodeficiencies, by enhancing the immune system or, in treating an immune disorder, such as graft-versus-host disease, leukemia, lymphoma or an allograft rejection, by suppressing the immune system.


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Updated: Jan 1, 1997