Ribonuclease H1 - A Protein Expressed in Escherichia coli from a Cloned Human RNase H1 cDNA

Available for licensing through a Materials License Agreement (no patent or patent application) are samples of purified human RNase H1 protein, expressed in E. coli from human RNase H1 cDNA. This protein is important for cellular functions such as DNA synthesis and repair. This protein also is related by sequence, structure and enzymatic mechanism to the RNase H of retroviruses such as HIV. Since the cellular and viral proteins have similar properties, it would be useful to screen for potential drugs that have little or only modest effects on the cellular protein while inhibiting the HIV enzyme. Thus, the availability of both the retroviral and human RNases H1 makes drug screening and anti-sense therapy possible to perform.


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Updated: Jan 1, 2001