Immunoglobulin-G Constant Region Fusion Proteins as Molecular Weight Markers

The technology portrayed in this invention is available through a Biological Materials License as a research tool and for use in diagnostic tests. Current methods of protein detection and size determination can be made more efficient by the utilization of more stable protein markers that cover a wider range of molecular weights for western blotting and other diagnostics applications. As embodied in this invention, construction of recombinant proteins containing constant regions of Immunoglobulin-G from mouse, rabbit and other species, allow the production of protein standards that can be detected simultaneously on the same western blot as the sample proteins. Such markers will increase the accuracy in determining sample protein size and in combination with recombinant or chemically labeled second antibodies, will allow the detection of an increased number of sample proteins simultaneously on the same blot.


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Updated: Dec 1, 2000