Gadd45a-Null Mice (45C Clone) and Cells Derived from Them

This technology relates to the creation of a mouse cell line that harbor homozygous deletions of the Gadd45 gene. Gadd45 was the first gene discovered to be controlled by another gene, p53, the most highly mutated gene in human cancer. Cells lacking Gadd45 are less able to deal with DNA damage and are prone to alterations in genomic integrity. Both of these attributes are critical for the prevention of cancer. Gadd45 null mice have a high frequency of parturition failure.

The mice can be used to investigate the effect that the aforementioned attributes have on cell growth and integrity and carcinogenesis. As the Gadd45a-null mice show defects in cell cycle control and DNA repair, they will be useful in toxicology and drug screening. For pharmaceutical studies using chemical libraries, these mice and their derived cells may be useful in identifying inhibitors of specific molecular pathways. Also, the mice will be a useful model for studying delivery failure and cervical dilation.


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Updated: Dec 1, 2000