Technologies related to Infectious diseases

Monoclonal Antibodies for Detection of Rabies Virus Antigen and Confirmatory Rabies Diagnosis
Ref: E-054-2021-0 | Updated: Mar 12, 2021
Reducing Bloodstream Neutrophils as a Treatment for Lung Infection and Inflammation
Ref: E-125-2018-0 | Updated: Mar 8, 2021
Improved Live-Attenuated Vaccine for Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Bearing Codon-Pair Deoptimized NS1, NS2, N, P, M and SH Genes and Additional Point Mutations in the P Gene
Ref: E-104-2020-0 | Updated: Feb 25, 2021
Monoclonal Antibodies Against Coxiella burnetii, the Cause of Q Fever for Diagnostic Development
Ref: E-194-2016-0 | Updated: Feb 19, 2021
Stable Human Cell Lines Expressing Flavivirus Virus-Like Particles (VLPs) for Vaccine, Biologics, and Diagnostic Development
Ref: E-203-2018-0 | Updated: Feb 19, 2021
Epstein-Barr Virus Antibody That Blocks Fusion And Neutralizes Virus Infection of B Cells
Ref: E-020-2020-0 | Updated: Feb 16, 2021
Single-Chain Antibodies Directed to Norovirus GI.1 and GII.4 and Their Use
Ref: E-136-2013-0 | Updated: Feb 8, 2021
Hybridoma cell lines producing antibodies to RSV NS1
Ref: E-167-2018-0 | Updated: Jan 25, 2021
Ref: E-006-2021-0 | Updated: Jan 25, 2021
High-Throughput COVID-19 Diagnostic Test that Detects Both Viral and Host Nucleic Acid
Ref: E-241-2020-0 | Updated: Jan 11, 2021
Simian T-Cell Lymphotropic Virus Strain Type 3 (STLV-3) Subtype D Variant, a Highly Divergent STLV-3, for Development of Diagnostics, Therapeutics, Vaccines and Research Tools
Ref: E-303-2013-2 | Updated: Oct 30, 2020
Self-Assembled Ferritin Nanoparticles Expressing Hemagglutinin as an Influenza Vaccine
Ref: E-293-2011-0 | Updated: Aug 3, 2020
Novel One-Well Limiting-Antigen Avidity Enzyme Immunoassay to Detect Recent HIV-1 Infection Using a Multi-subtype Recombinant Protein
Ref: E-522-2013-0 | Updated: Jul 9, 2020
Neutralizing Monoclonal Antibodies to Botulinum Neurotoxin Type A
Ref: E-180-2006-0 | Updated: Jul 6, 2020
Monoclonal Antibodies Specific for the E2 Glycoprotein of Hepatitis C Virus and Their Use in the Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention of Hepatitis C
Ref: E-017-2001-0 | Updated: Jul 6, 2020
Swine Hepatitis E Virus Available For Use in Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment of Hepatitis E
Ref: E-203-1997-0 | Updated: Jul 6, 2020
Polyvalent Influenza Virus-Like Particles (VLPs) and Use as Vaccines
Ref: E-195-2014-0 | Updated: Jul 6, 2020
Vaccine for Dengue Virus
Ref: E-171-1988-1 | Updated: Jul 6, 2020
Universal Influenza Virus Probes for Enrichment of Influenza Viral Sequences
Ref: E-032-2018-0 | Updated: Jul 6, 2020
Recombinant Proteins Of A Pakistani Strain Of Hepatitis E And Their Use In Diagnostic Methods And Vaccines
Ref: E-141-1992-2 | Updated: Jul 6, 2020
Protein Nanoparticles for Antigen Display in Vaccines
Ref: E-005-2017-0 | Updated: Jul 6, 2020
Cloned Genomes Of Infectious Hepatitis C Virus And Uses Thereof
Ref: E-050-1998-0 | Updated: Jul 6, 2020
Cloned Genome of Infectious Hepatitis C Virus of Genotype 2a and Uses Thereof
Ref: E-100-1999-0 | Updated: Jul 6, 2020
HCV/BVDV Chimeric Genomes and Uses Thereof
Ref: E-102-1999-0 | Updated: Jul 6, 2020
Infectious cDNA Clone of GB Virus B and Uses Thereof
Ref: E-173-1999-0 | Updated: Jul 6, 2020
Recombinant Proteins of the Swine Hepatitis E Virus and Their Uses as a Vaccine and Diagnostic Reagents for Medical and Veterinary Applications
Ref: E-304-1998-0 | Updated: Jul 6, 2020
Two cDNA Clones of Hepatitis E Virus (HEV) that are Infectious for Primates and Encode a Virulent and an Attenuated Virus Respectively
Ref: E-278-2001-0 | Updated: Jul 6, 2020
Four Chimpanzee Monoclonal Antibodies that Neutralize Hepatitis A Virus
Ref: E-356-2001-0 | Updated: Jul 6, 2020
Monoclonal Antibodies Against Bacillus Anthracis Antigens
Ref: E-146-2004-0 | Updated: Jul 6, 2020
A Varicella-Zoster Virus Mutant that is Markedly Impaired for Latent Infection Available for the Development of Shingles Vaccines and Diagnostics
Ref: E-029-2007-0 | Updated: Jul 6, 2020
North-2'-Deoxy-Methanocarbathymidines as Antiviral Agents Against Poxviruses
Ref: E-047-2005-0 | Updated: Jul 6, 2020
Monoclonal Antibodies that Neutralize Norovirus
Ref: E-226-2011-0 | Updated: Jul 6, 2020
Monoclonal Antibodies That Bind or Neutralize Hepatitis B Virus
Ref: E-144-2004-0 | Updated: Jul 6, 2020
Monoclonal Antibodies Against Orthopoxviruses
Ref: E-145-2004-3 | Updated: Jul 6, 2020
Diagnostic Reagents And Vaccines For Multiple Genotypes Of Hepatitis C Virus
Ref: E-120-1993-0 | Updated: Jul 6, 2020
Major Neutralization Site of Hepatitis E Virus and Use of this Neutralization Site in Methods of Vaccination
Ref: E-043-2000-0 | Updated: Jul 6, 2020
Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus Antibodies
Ref: E-239-2014-0 | Updated: Jun 24, 2020
A Rapid Ultrasensitive Assay for Detecting Prions Based on the Seeded Polymerization of Recombinant Normal Prion Protein (rPrP-sen)
Ref: E-109-2007-0 | Updated: May 29, 2020
Prefusion Coronavirus Spike Proteins and Their Use
Ref: E-234-2016-0 | Updated: Apr 8, 2020
Real-Time RT-PCR Detection of Rickettsia species -- PanR6/Total Nucleic Acid Assay with High Sensitivity and Specificity
Ref: E-230-2017-0 | Updated: Mar 9, 2020
Real-Time RT-PCR Detection of Scrub Typhus Total Nucleic Acid Assay with High Sensitivity and Specificity
Ref: E-230-2017-1 | Updated: Mar 9, 2020
Fluorescent Primer(s) Creation for Nucleic Acid Detection and Amplification
Ref: E-252-2013-0 | Updated: Mar 9, 2020
Monitoring Public Water Supply for a Variety of Pathogens
Ref: E-458-2013-0 | Updated: Mar 9, 2020
Nucleic Acid Amplification Technique for Rapid Diagnostic Analysis
Ref: E-273-2013-0 | Updated: Mar 9, 2020
Photoinduced Electron Transfer Fluorescent Primer for Nucleic Acid Amplification
Ref: E-292-2013-0 | Updated: Mar 9, 2020
Therapeutic and Diagnostic Targets for Severe RSV Infection
Ref: E-072-2019-0 | Updated: Feb 6, 2020
Real-Time PCR Assay for HIV-1 Subtype Diagnosis and Global Surveillance of Drug Resistance
Ref: E-259-2013-0 | Updated: Sep 16, 2019
CDC Mosquito Trap for Control and Surveillance of Mosquitoes Including Carriers of Zika & Other Viruses
Ref: E-166-2013-0 | Updated: Jul 23, 2019
One-step random amplification method to detect extremely low input nucleic acids for virome, microbiome, and metagenomics in clinical and biological specimens
Ref: E-161-2017-0 | Updated: May 28, 2019
Monoclonal Antibody to Detect the Antiretroviral Drug Emtricitabine – for HIV Drug Adherence Monitoring
Ref: E-134-2018-0 | Updated: Aug 21, 2019
Encapsulated Streptococcus Compositions and Methods for Pneumococcal Vaccine, Probiotic, and Diagnostic Assay Development
Ref: E-009-2018-0 | Updated: Feb 26, 2019
Monoclonal Antibodies that Bind Zika Virus Envelope Protein for Zika Diagnostics and Research
Ref: E-030-2017-0 | Updated: Feb 9, 2021
Fusion Glycoprotein Vaccine for Human Metapneumovirus
Ref: E-260-2014-0 | Updated: Oct 29, 2018
Use of Rostafuroxin to Inhibit Viral Infection
Ref: E-202-2018-0 | Updated: Oct 25, 2018
Recombinant Respiratory Syncytial Virus Challenge Strain
Ref: E-235-2018-0 | Updated: Oct 25, 2018
Methods to Regulate Biofilm Development to Prevent Infection on Indwelling or Implantable Medical Devices
Ref: E-171-2013-0 | Updated: Oct 22, 2018
High-throughput assay for detection of rabies neutralizing antibodies
Ref: E-224-2018-0 | Updated: Oct 17, 2018
Stabilized Group 2 Influenza Hemagglutinin Stem Region Trimers and Uses Thereof
Ref: E-228-2016-0 | Updated: Oct 17, 2018
Recombinant RSV B1 expressing eGFP as a reporter gene
Ref: E-159-2018-0 | Updated: Oct 9, 2018
Attenuated Human Parainfluenza Virus Type 1 Expressing Ebola Virus Glycoprotein GP as an Intranasal Ebola Vaccine
Ref: E-142-2018-0 | Updated: Oct 9, 2018
Methods for Detecting Syphilis Using Synthetic Antigens
Ref: E-334-2013-0 | Updated: Sep 27, 2018
Diagnostic Assay with Modified Cardiolipin for Detecting Active Syphilis Infections
Ref: E-310-2013-0 | Updated: Sep 27, 2018
Cardiolipin Modification for Immunoassay Detection of Syphilis
Ref: E-574-2013-0 | Updated: Sep 11, 2018
Immunoassays and Methods to Diagnose Syphilis by Immobilizing a Lipoidal Antigen on a Solid Support
Ref: E-321-2013-0 | Updated: Sep 11, 2018
Human Retrovirus Obtained from Infected Chimpanzee Exposure
Ref: E-251-2013-0 | Updated: Sep 10, 2018
Chimeric Reporter West Nile/Dengue Viruses and Their Use for Assay Development
Ref: E-126-2017-0 | Updated: Jan 11, 2019
Method to remove human DNA when sequencing for parasite infection
Ref: E-113-2017-0 | Updated: Sep 10, 2018
Licensing Availability: Methods of Diagnosing and Treating CHAPLE, A Newly Identified Orphan Disease
Ref: E-251-2016-0 | Updated: Sep 7, 2018
Heterocyclic Compounds for the Treatment of Hepatitis C Virus
Ref: E-161-2014-0 | Updated: Aug 24, 2018
Antibodies for Rabies Post-exposure Prophylaxis or Antiviral Therapy of Clinical Rabies
Ref: E-263-2013-0 | Updated: Jul 16, 2018
Real-time PCR Detection of Streptococcus pneumoniae with High Sensitivity and Specificity
Ref: E-288-2013-0 | Updated: Aug 1, 2018
Assay for Early Diagnosis of Anthrax Using Monoclonal Antibodies Against Anthrax Toxin
Ref: E-071-2016-0 | Updated: Jun 22, 2018
New Anti-Influenza Virus Neuraminidase 9 (N9) Monoclonal Antibody – for Prevention or Treatment of H7N9 Influenza (Flu) A with Less Likelihood of Drug Resistance
Ref: E-200-2016-0 | Updated: Jun 20, 2018
The CDC 2009 Influenza A H1N1 (Flu) Pandemic Real-time RT-PCR Panel including Pandemic Influenza A and Pandemic H1 Assays
Ref: E-563-2013-0 | Updated: Jul 25, 2018
Simple and Rapid Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP)-based Assay for Mycoplasma pneumoniae Detection
Ref: E-269-2014-0 | Updated: Jun 22, 2018
Immunoassay for the Simultaneous Detection of Functional Antibodies against Multiple Serotypes of Streptococcus pneumoniae and Other Bacteria Types
Ref: E-227-2013-0 | Updated: Jun 26, 2018
Method to Remove Mycoplasma Contamination from Virus Stocks
Ref: E-039-2018-0 | Updated: Jun 13, 2018
Novel Peptide of Streptococcus pneumoniae Surface Adhesion A (PsaA) Protein Associated with Adherence and Uses Thereof – for Vaccine Candidate, Therapeutic and Diagnostic Development
Ref: E-338-2013-0 | Updated: Jun 13, 2018
Recombinant LL-SXP-1 and Plasmid Encoding LL-SXP-1 for the Immunodiagnosis of Loa Loa
Ref: E-003-2016-0 | Updated: Jun 7, 2018
Antigens for Use in Loa Loa Microfilariae Quantitative Immunoassays
Ref: E-230-2014-0 | Updated: Jun 7, 2018
Pneumonia Virus of Mice Expression Vector PSynK-PVMJ3666
Ref: E-016-2015-0 | Updated: Jun 7, 2018
Non-invasive Method for Ebola Virus Infection Detection in Great Apes and Other Wildlife Hosts
Ref: E-006-2015-0 | Updated: Jun 7, 2018
pLAS-1 Plasmid
Ref: E-034-2017-0 | Updated: Jun 7, 2018
RL-5 – Rabbit T Cell Line Derived From a Herpesvirus Ateles-induced Rabbit Tumor From the Inbred Rabbit Line B/J
Ref: E-104-2015-0 | Updated: Jun 7, 2018
Amino Acid Substitutions Mutants of Anthrax Protective Antigen, Lethal Factor, and Edema Factor
Ref: E-196-2014-0 | Updated: Jun 7, 2018
HIV-1 MW959 gp140 secreting CHO Cells
Ref: E-259-2015-0 | Updated: Jun 7, 2018
WR (Western Reserve) Strain of Vaccinia Virus with K151E Mutation in A34R Gene
Ref: E-263-2015-0 | Updated: Jun 7, 2018
Edema Factor Adenylate Cyclase Variants Having Potencies That Are Highly Dependent On the N-end Rule
Ref: E-737-2013-0 | Updated: Jun 7, 2018
Novel UNEX Buffer and Disk for Safe Storage and Transport at Ambient Temperatures of Clinical Specimens for Molecular Testing of Pathogens
Ref: E-211-2015-0 | Updated: Jun 7, 2018
Novel Fourth Human Ebolavirus species, Bundibugyo ebolavirus – Compositions and Methods for Vaccine, Therapeutics and Highly Sensitive Diagnostic Assay Development
Ref: E-159-2013-0 | Updated: Jun 7, 2018
Real-time RT-PCR Assay for Rapid, Highly Sensitive and Specific Detection of Human Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68)
Ref: E-011-2015-0 | Updated: Jun 6, 2018
Mononegavirales Vectors expressing Chimeric Antigens
Ref: E-018-2018-0 | Updated: May 7, 2018
Chlamydial Vaccine Technologies
Ref: E-031-2006-0 | Updated: Mar 28, 2018
Novel Human Rotavirus Vaccine CDC-6 Strain for Impacted Subgroup, the Lewis Negative Population
Ref: E-285-2015-0 | Updated: Dec 26, 2019
Monoclonal Antibodies for Specific Detection of Dengue Virus Sub-type 4 in Human Serum
Ref: E-057-2016-0 | Updated: Feb 12, 2018
Zika Virus NS1 Protein Monoclonal Antibodies for Research, Development, and Novel Diagnostics
Ref: E-286-2016-0 | Updated: Feb 9, 2021
A Novel Thermal Method to Inactivate Rotavirus for Use in Vaccines
Ref: E-153-2013-0 | Updated: Nov 7, 2019
Compositions and Methods for Blocking Transmission of Plasmodium
Ref: E-294-2016-0 | Updated: May 16, 2018
DNA Probes to Rapidly Screen Candida glabrata Isolates for Echinocandin Resistance to Antifungal Treatment
Ref: E-132-2014-0 | Updated: Jan 9, 2018
West Nile/Zika Virus Chimeras for Inactivated Zika Vaccine and Diagnostic Assay Development
Ref: E-177-2016-0 | Updated: Dec 21, 2017


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