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Laminin A Peptides

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Hynda Kleinman (NIDCR)
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Research Materials
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This invention relates to peptides and derivatives thereof having laminin-like activity, as well as a pharmaceutical composition of the peptide. The peptides claimed include Serine-Isoleucine-Lysine-Valine-Alanine-Valine (SIKVAV). Methods for promoting increased adhesion and migration of epithelial cells is also disclosed. The peptides have wide usage in research, nerve regeneration and cancer treatment. For example, this invention may be useful as an adhesion and regeneration agent for nerve guides and as an adhesion agent for vascular prosthesis.

  • adhesion agent
  • cancer therapeutic
  • research reagent
  • key extracellular matrix component
  • widespread biological activity


EIR Application
PCT Application PCT/US89/004871
Filed on 1989-11-06
US Application 07/530,969
Filed on 1990-05-30
US Application 08/411,067
Filed on 1995-03-27
US Pat 5,211,657

Issued 1993-05-18


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Oct 1, 1997

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