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Peptides With Laminin Activity

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Lead Inventors
Yoshihiko Yamada (NIDCR)
Frank Robey (NIDCR)
George Martin (NIDCR)
Hynda Kleinman (NIDCR)
Jeannette Graf ()
Makoto Sasaki (NIDCR)
Yukihide Iwamoto ()
Development Stages
Pre-clinical (in vivo)
Peptides with laminin activity, including YIGSR, are claimed. These peptides block angiogenesis, alter the formation of capillary structures by endothelial cells, prevent the formation of excess blood vessels in tissue and inhibit in vivo tumor cell colonization of tissues. These peptides can be used, among other things, to inhibit metastasis.
Commercial Applications
  • cancer therapeutic
  • research reagent
Competitive Advantages
  • encourage cell adhesion
  • inhibits metastasis and angiogenesis

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