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Methods of Inducing Deacetylase Inhibitors to Promote Cell Differentiation and Regeneration

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Vittorio Sartorelli (NIAMS)
The present invention discloses a method of enhancing progenitor cell differentiation, including enhancing myogenesis, neurogenesis and hematopoiesis, by contacting a progenitor cell with an effective amount of a deacetylase inhibitor (DI). The progenitor cell can be part of cell culture, such as a cell culture used for in vitro or in vivo analysis of progenitor cell differentiation, or can be part of an organism, such as a human or other mammal. Contacting the progenitor cell with a DI can lead to enhancement of expression of terminal cell-type specific genes in the progenitor cell, such as enhancing expression of muscle-specific genes in myoblasts, and can lead to skeletal muscle hypertrophy. Administering a DI to a subject also can provide some prophylactic or therapeutic effect for inhibiting, preventing, or treating associated with a degeneration or loss of tissue. The DI can be administered to a subject as part of a pharmaceutical composition.

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