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Improved Standard for Immune System Recovery Assay

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Daniel Douek (NIAID)
Brenna Hill (NIAID), Richard Koup (NIAID)
Research Materials
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Fully developed

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Monitoring an immune system that has been depleted by infection (e.g., HIV), chemotherapy, or progenitor cell transplantation is vital to assessing individual’s recovery status. This technology provides a new plasmid standard to be used as part of the existing TREC assay. This new plasmid has a shorter insert than the commercially available one, which means it now matches the PCR product generated in the qPCR reaction in the TREC assay. Additionally, the new plasmid is easier to grow up than the existing standard.

  • TREC assay for T cell concentration measurements
  • The insert of standard plasmid is shorter and directly matches the PCR product generated in the qPCR reaction
  • The standard plasmid is easy to grow up


EIR Application

Research Material (TREC DNA in carrier plasmid) — Patent protection is not being pursued for this technology. (IC Reference No. 2010-037)


Douek DC, et al.
PMID 10866444
Douek DC, et al.
PMID 9872319


Apr 29, 2011

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