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Caspase Inhibitors Useful for the Study of Autoimmune or Inflammatory Diseases

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Craig Thomas (NCATS)
Matthew Boxer (NCATS)
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Early stage

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Novel and potent caspase 1 inhibitors are available for licensing. In particular, this technology discloses potent and selective caspase 1 inhibitors that target the active site of the enzyme. Caspase 1 is known to play a pro-inflammatory role in numerous autoimmune and inflammatory diseases and therefore represents an excellent target for treatment of a broad range of diseases, including but not limited to Huntington's, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, ischemia, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, and sepsis. Not surprisingly this enormous potential has resulted in at least three caspase 1 inhibitors entering clinical trials (VX-740, IDN-6556, and VX-765) in recent years.

  • Potential therapeutic for a broad range of autoimmune diseases
  • Potential therapeutic for a broad range of inflammatory diseases


PCT Application PCT/US2011/022744
Filed on 2011-01-27
US Application 61/299,790
Filed on 2010-01-29
US Pat 9,365,612

Issued 2016-06-14


Boxer MB, Quinn AM, Shen M, Jadhav A, Leister W, Simeonov A, Auld DS, Thomas CJ. A highly potent and selective caspase 1 inhibitor that utilizes a key 3-cyanopropanoic acid moiety. Chem Med Chem., accepted.

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Available for licensing.


Mar 11, 2010

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