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Chimeric SHIV Gag Proteins Optimize T-Cell Response Against HIV Gag

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Gary Nabel (NIAID)
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Infectious Disease
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Animal (mouse) data available

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HIV Gag has been included in nearly all HIV vaccines entering clinical trials because of its importance in SIV models and its correlation with protection in HIV-infected long-term non-progressors. However, HIV Gag has proven less immunogenic than Env in phase I clinical trial studies. Through sequence comparison, two regions in HIV Gag have been identified as contributing to the decreased immunogenicity observed for HIV Gag. Replacement of these regions with corresponding SIV sequences significantly increased the resulting T-cell response to HIV Gag in mice. Utilization of these chimera in an HIV vaccine could significantly enhance the overall immunogenicity of the vaccine.


HIV vaccine


PCT Application PCT/US2008/073395
Filed on 2008-08-15
US Application 60/965,268
Filed on 2007-08-17
US Pat 7,094,598

Issued 2006-08-22

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Available for licensing.


Dec 1, 2007

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