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Total Emission Detection System for Multi-Photon Microscopy

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Primary Inventors: 
Christian Combs (NHLBI)
Jay Knutson (NHLBI), Robert Balaban (NHLBI)
Medical Devices, Research Materials
Development Status: 

Late-stage technology

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Available for licensing and commercial development is a novel two-photon microscope system, which would allow improved fluorescent light collection, the use of less excitation power and deeper penetration of tissue and isolated cells. Multi-photon fluorescence microscopy (MPFM) is an imaging technique that can investigate biological processes to sub-cellular resolution at depths of hundreds of microns below the surface of biological tissues. MPFM provides higher resolution imaging of tissues than confocal imaging, but is currently limited by the use of inefficient light collection systems, which lead to detection of only a fraction of the light that is emitted from the sample. The new system consists of an array of mirrors, lenses, and reflecting surfaces designed to collectively maximize the probability of collecting all emitted fluorescent light to a detector, thereby providing enhanced brightness of light detected from the sample and an increase in signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). This increase is SNR can be used to improve time resolution, reduce laser power requirements and reduce photodynamic damage.

  • Three-dimensional imaging of biological tissues and cells
  • Three-dimensional imaging of semiconductor integrated circuits


PCT Application PCT/US2007/17478
Filed on 2007-08-06
US Application 60/835,462
Filed on 2006-08-04
US Pat 7,667,210

Issued 2010-02-23

License Status

Available for licensing.


Jun 1, 2007

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