Technology Bundle ID: NCI-E-002-2014

Human Antibodies Against Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus

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Dimiter Dimitrov ()
Kwok Yuen (), Tianlei Ying (NCI), Tina Ju (NCI)
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No effective therapeutics or vaccines against Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) are available. The human-to-human aspect of transmission and the high mortality rate associated with MERS-CoV infection have raised concerns over the potential for a future MERS-CoV pandemic and emphasized the need for development of effective therapeutics and vaccines.

The MERS-CoV-S protein is believed to be required for binding and virus entry during MERS-CoV infection. The antibodies of this technology represent candidate antibody-based therapeutics for treatment of MERS-CoV infection.  Researchers at the NCI have developed human antibodies that target MERS-CoV.  Certain of these antibodies bind with epitopes of the MERS-CoV receptor binding domain (RBD) of MERS-CoV spike (S) protein with high affinity and are capable of neutralizing the virus as demonstrated in a pseudovirus assay.

  • Antibody-based therapeutics for treatment of MERS-CoV infection
  • No vaccine or other biologic therapy is available, and this antibody provides high binding (sub-nanomolar) affinity, and relative safety with long half-lives.


U.S. Application 61/892,750
Filed on 2013-10-18


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