TT Reorganization

Exciting news!  There is a reorganization taking place within the NIH Technology Transfer program, which will decentralize (realign) all patent and license functions into the NIH Institutes and Centers (ICs) by October 1, 2015. 

Why Decentralize the Patent and License Functions?

The Advisory Committee to the NIH Deputy Director for Intramural Research, and the Technology Transfer Steering Committee (TTSC) recently assessed the OD/OIR/Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) to determine how the OTT relates and services NIH’s overall technology transfer needs.  The committees involved provided recommendations for improvements.  The principal recommendation was to align authority and responsibility for the implementation and execution of patenting and licensing within the NIH Institutes and Centers.  This recommendation was accepted by the NIH Steering Committee in September of 2014.

The reorganization is a result of a 2014 NIH-led effort to improve the organizational structure of technology transfer (TT) to meet the rapid rate of change within science, technology, and industry, and to better connect the science and laboratory goals with the licensing and patenting process

What does this mean to you?

  • If you have worked with one of our License and Patent Managers (LPMs) in the past, then it is possible your LPM contact has changed.  To enter license specific information and determine your correct NIH Institute point of contact, CLICK HERE. Search Docket
  • If you are currently discussing license opportunities with an NIH IP staff, and would like to search for other IP staff, please CLICK HERE. Search Docket
  • If you are in the process of looking for licensing opportunities, please continue to find new opportunities in the same place by CLICKING HERE. Search Docket

What functions remain within the Office of Technology Transfer?

The NIH OTT will retain functions for the administration of royalties, the monitoring and enforcement of NIH patents, coordination of NIH marketing activities, and the administration of lT services related to patent prosecution, employee invention reports and the support of the technology transfer IT system.


Still have questions?

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