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Novel Human Rotavirus Vaccine CDC-6 Strain for Impacted Subgroup, the Lewis Negative Population
Ref: E-285-2015/0 | Updated: Mar 9, 2018
Real-Time RT-PCR Detection of Rickettsia species -- PanR6/Total Nucleic Acid Assay with High Sensitivity and Specificity
Ref: E-230-2017/0 | Updated: Feb 27, 2018
Influenza A Virus Detection and Subtyping Directly from Animal Swabs and Environmental Samples
Ref: E-199-2016/0 | Updated: Feb 27, 2018
Monoclonal Antibodies for Specific Detection of Dengue Virus Sub-type 4 in Human Serum
Ref: E-057-2016/0 | Updated: Feb 12, 2018
Zika Virus NS1 Protein Monoclonal Antibodies for Research, Development, and Novel Diagnostics
Ref: E-286-2016/0 | Updated: Feb 27, 2018
DNA Probes to Rapidly Screen Candida glabrata Isolates for Echinocandin Resistance to Antifungal Treatment
Ref: E-132-2014/0 | Updated: Jan 9, 2018
West Nile/Zika Virus Chimeras for Inactivated Zika Vaccine and Diagnostic Assay Development
Ref: E-177-2016/0 | Updated: Dec 21, 2017
Rapid Colorimetric Detection of Zika Virus from Serum and Urine Specimens by RT-LAMP (Reverse Transcription Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification).
Ref: E-041-2017/0 | Updated: Feb 8, 2018
Derivation of Novel Murine Metastatic Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma Cell Lines to Generate Orthotopic Allograft Mouse Models Useful for Preclinical Testing
Ref: E-250-2017/0 | Updated: Dec 15, 2017
Mouse CCR1 cDNA
Ref: B-012-1998/0 | Updated: Dec 4, 2017
Regulators of G Protein Signalling (RGS) 1,3,4,5 & 13 cDNAs
Ref: E-283-2001/0 | Updated: Dec 4, 2017
Plasmids Encoding and Producing Anthrax Toxin Proteins
Ref: E-059-2008/0 | Updated: Dec 6, 2017
A Plasmid-deficient Chlamydia Trachomatis Strain, as a Safe, Immunogenic, and Protective Live Attenuated Vaccine For Blinding Trachoma
Ref: E-028-2012/0 | Updated: Dec 4, 2017
Hybridoma Cell Line 7D4 Producing Monoclonal Anti-mouse CD25 (IL-2 receptor) Antibody
Ref: B-004-1991/0 | Updated: Dec 4, 2017
Human CCR3 cDNA
Ref: B-009-1998/0 | Updated: Dec 4, 2017
Human CCR2 cDNA
Ref: B-008-1998/0 | Updated: Dec 4, 2017
Plasmid pNL4-3, HIV Clone For Easy Mutational Changes
Ref: B-005-1999/0 | Updated: Dec 4, 2017
Human FPRL1 / FPR2 cDNA
Ref: B-008-1995/0 | Updated: Dec 4, 2017
Human fMLP Receptor / FPR cDNA
Ref: B-007-1995/0 | Updated: Dec 4, 2017
Human Monocyte Chemoattractant Protein-1 (MCP-1/CCL2) cDNA
Ref: B-005-1995/0 | Updated: Dec 4, 2017
CXCR1 - Human IL-8 Receptor cDNA
Ref: B-004-1995/0 | Updated: Dec 4, 2017
Human CC Chemokine Receptor CX3CR1 / CMKBRL1 cDNA
Ref: B-037-1995/6 | Updated: Dec 4, 2017
Hybridoma Cell Line 3C7 Producing Monoclonal Anti-mouse CD25 (IL-2 receptor, alpha chain) Antibody
Ref: B-004-1991/1 | Updated: Dec 4, 2017
Hybridoma Cell Line H1.2F3 Producing Monoclonal Anti-mouse CD69 (Early activation marker) Antibody
Ref: B-004-1991/3 | Updated: Dec 4, 2017
Chimeric Dengue/Zika Viruses for Live-Attenuated Zika Vaccine Development
Ref: E-178-2016/0 | Updated: Dec 4, 2017
Stable Cell Line for Enhanced Expression and Production of Recombinant Human Tissue Inhibitor of Metalloproteinase-2 (TIMP-2)
Ref: E-216-2017/0 | Updated: Dec 5, 2017
Real-Time PCR Assay for Detection of Carbapenem Antibiotic Resistance Genes of the IMP-type
Ref: E-156-2017/0 | Updated: Dec 5, 2017
Regulator of G Protein Signaling (RGS13) Knock-Out Mouse
Ref: E-181-2008/0 | Updated: Dec 4, 2017
Conformation Dependent Anti-major Outer Membrane Protein (MOMP) Monoclonal Antibody BD5
Ref: E-296-2007/0 | Updated: Dec 4, 2017
Hybridoma Cell Line D8H21, Monoclonal Antibody to the Specific Peptide-MHC Class II Complex
Ref: B-021-1999/0 | Updated: Dec 4, 2017
Hybridoma Cell Line B6GE1, Monoclonal Antibody to the Specific Peptide-MHC Class II Complex
Ref: B-020-1999/0 | Updated: Dec 4, 2017
Hybridoma Cell Line 25-D1.16 Producing Monoclonal Anti-H-2Kb/SIINFEKL Complex Antibody
Ref: B-006-1999/0 | Updated: Dec 4, 2017
Hybridoma Cell Line 715 Producing Monoclonal Antibody Specific for Murine Leukemia Virus gp70
Ref: B-059-1994/2 | Updated: Dec 4, 2017
Hybridoma Cell Line 500 Producing Monoclonal Antibody Specific for Murine Leukemia Virus gp80
Ref: B-059-1994/1 | Updated: Dec 4, 2017
Hybridoma Cell Line 273 Producing Monoclonal Antibody Specific for Murine Leukemia Virus gp70
Ref: B-059-1994/0 | Updated: Dec 4, 2017
Hybridoma Cell Line H9.2B8 Producing Monoclonal Anti-mouse CD51 (Vitronectin receptor, alpha chain) Antibody
Ref: B-004-1991/5 | Updated: Dec 4, 2017
Hybridoma Cell Line G7 Producing Monoclonal Anti-mouse CD90 (Thy-1) Antibody
Ref: B-004-1991/4 | Updated: Dec 4, 2017
Hybridoma Cell Line D7 Producing Monoclonal Anti-mouse Ly-6A/E (Sca-1) Antibody
Ref: B-004-1991/2 | Updated: Dec 4, 2017
Non-invasive Methods for Characterizing Adrenocortical Tumors
Ref: E-193-2015/0 | Updated: Nov 22, 2017
MÍOS: Better Animal Care for Better Research
Ref: E-007-2018/0 | Updated: Nov 21, 2017
Real-Time RT-PCR Assay for the Rapid Detection of Rabies and Other Lyssaviruses
Ref: E-070-2016/0 | Updated: Nov 20, 2017
Functionally-Interdependent Shape-Switching Nucleic Acid Nanoparticles
Ref: E-277-2016/0 | Updated: Nov 17, 2017
Methods of Producing Effective T-cell Populations Using Akt Inhibitors
Ref: E-013-2016/0 | Updated: Nov 13, 2017
A Rapid Method of Isolating Neoantigen-specific T Cell Receptor Sequences
Ref: E-067-2017/0 | Updated: Oct 10, 2017
Near-IR Light-cleavable Conjugates and Conjugate Precursors
Ref: E-245-2016/0 | Updated: Oct 4, 2017
Development of a Transferrable Norwalk Virus Epitope and Detector Monoclonal Antibody
Ref: E-101-2013/0 | Updated: Sep 5, 2017
Direct Reading Detection Kits for Surface Contamination by Anti-Neoplastic (Anti-Cancer) Drugs
Ref: E-162-2013/0 | Updated: Aug 31, 2017
Whole Animal Feeding Flat (WAFFL): A High-throughput Platform for the Automated Handling of Flies
Ref: E-034-2015/0 | Updated: Nov 7, 2017
cGAP-PNA Multivalent Ligand Display at the Nanoscale
Ref: E-761-2013/0 | Updated: Apr 18, 2017
M3 Muscarinic Receptor Knockout Mice (Chrm3 tm1Jwe) for the Study of Obesity and Other Metabolic Disorders
Ref: E-346-2004/2 | Updated: Apr 17, 2017
Devices for Improved Tissue Cryopreservation and Recovery
Ref: E-094-2016/0 | Updated: Apr 18, 2017
Conditional V2 Vasopressin Receptor Mutant Mice as a Model to Study X-linked Nephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus (XNDI)
Ref: E-174-2009/0 | Updated: Jul 12, 2017
Simple and Rapid Assay to Detect Acute Subtype B and Group M HIV-1 Infections
Ref: E-014-2015/0 | Updated: Mar 15, 2017
A New Class of Stable Heptamethine Cyanine Fluorophores and Biomedical Applications Thereof
Ref: E-271-2014/0 | Updated: Nov 22, 2017
Anti-CD133 Monoclonal Antibodies as Cancer Therapeutics
Ref: E-025-2015/0 | Updated: Feb 13, 2017
Griffithsin-based Anti-viral Therapeutics with Improved Stability and Solubility
Ref: E-065-2015/0 | Updated: Feb 13, 2017
Deuterium Magnetic Resonance Imaging (dMRI) for In Vivo Visualization of Rapidly-Dividing Cells
Ref: E-188-2016/0 | Updated: Feb 7, 2017
Genetically Engineered Mouse-Derived Allograft for Use in Preclinical Studies of Metastatic Melanoma Therapies
Ref: E-291-2015/0 | Updated: Nov 29, 2016
Immortalized Stria Vascularis Cell Line SV-k1
Ref: E-013-2017/0 | Updated: Nov 10, 2016
Immortalized Organ of Corti Cell Line OC-k3
Ref: E-012-2017/0 | Updated: Nov 10, 2016
Methods for Artificial Oocyte Activation
Ref: E-253-2016/0 | Updated: Oct 25, 2016
Insert to Guide Oxygen Over a Dish of Cells for Photo-oxidation
Ref: E-244-2016/0 | Updated: Oct 13, 2016
Holders for Growing Mammalian Cells on Grids for Electron Microscopy
Ref: E-243-2016/0 | Updated: Oct 13, 2016
Bag6 Polyclonal Antibodies That Recognize Human Bag6 Protein
Ref: E-077-2015/0 | Updated: Sep 8, 2016
Triazole Derivatives of 4,7-disubstituted 2 naphthoic acid (PPTN) as P2Y14 Receptor Antagonists
Ref: E-213-2015/0 | Updated: Sep 6, 2016
Novel Metastatic Serous Epithelial Ovarian Cancer (SEOC) Mouse Models, Cell Lines, and Orthotopic Models Useful for Biomarker Discovery and Preclinical Testing
Ref: E-069-2012/0 | Updated: Jul 26, 2016
Remotely Monitored Mouse Feeding Experimentation Device
Ref: E-209-2015/0 | Updated: Jul 26, 2016
Improved Fixative for Paraffin-Embedded Tissue Samples
Ref: E-139-2015/0 | Updated: Jul 7, 2016
Multi-Photon Microscopy System Configured for Multiview Non-Linear Optical Imaging
Ref: E-229-2015/0 | Updated: Jun 27, 2016
Murine Cell Models for Metastatic Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Ref: E-213-2016/0 | Updated: Jun 22, 2016
Polyclonal Anti-rat Acetylserotonin Methyl Transferase (ASMT)
Ref: E-059-2016/0 | Updated: Apr 26, 2016
Software for Fully Automating Myocardial Perfusion Quantification
Ref: E-097-2016/0 | Updated: Mar 3, 2016
Fluorescent Nanodiamonds as Fiducial Markers for Microscopy
Ref: E-217-2015/0 | Updated: Jan 14, 2016
Improved Production of Prenylated Protein in Insect Cells
Ref: E-009-2015/0 | Updated: Jan 14, 2016
Mice with a Floxed Allele of the alpha Subunit of the Heterotrimeric G Protein Go or Gi2
Ref: E-071-2014/0 | Updated: Dec 8, 2015
TRPC Knockout (KO) Mice and Mice with a Floxed Allele of TRPC Ion Channel Genes
Ref: E-071-2014/2 | Updated: Dec 8, 2015
Assays for Measuring and Quantifying DNA Damage from Ionizing Radiation, Chemotherapeutic Agents, and Environmental Agents
Ref: E-276-2014/0 | Updated: Dec 1, 2015
Device for Selectively Removing Cells from a Biological Sample
Ref: E-045-2014/0 | Updated: Nov 30, 2015
Microfluidic Device and System for Analyzing Shear Forces in Blast-Induced Traumatic Brain Injury
Ref: E-001-2015/0 | Updated: Nov 30, 2015
Mouse Model for Study of Diabetic Nephropathy and Role of Soluble Epoxide Hydrolase
Ref: E-292-2015/0 | Updated: May 24, 2016
SIRT1 KO Human Cell Lines Generated by CRISPR/Cas9-mediated DNA Editing
Ref: E-184-2015/0 | Updated: Nov 30, 2015
Retrovirus Packaging Cell Lines Based on Gibbon Ape Leukemia Virus
Ref: E-201-1991/0 | Updated: Aug 17, 2016
Human Research Information System (HuRIS)
Ref: E-266-2014/0 | Updated: Oct 11, 2017
A Mobile Health Platform
Ref: E-049-2015/0 | Updated: Oct 11, 2017
Detection and Discrimination of Classical and Atypical L-Type BSE Strains by RT-QuIC
Ref: E-048-2015/0 | Updated: Sep 23, 2015
Genome Wide DNase I Hypersensitive Sites Detection in Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded Single Cells
Ref: E-254-2014/0 | Updated: Aug 17, 2015
mNFHcre Transgenic Mice
Ref: E-293-2009/0 | Updated: Aug 10, 2015
Anti-CD47 Antibodies for the Treatment of Cancer
Ref: E-263-2014/0 | Updated: Sep 10, 2015
Rabbit Antisera to Various Matrix, Matricellular, and Other Secreted Proteins
Ref: E-135-2008/0 | Updated: Aug 11, 2015
Leucine Rich Repeats and Calponin Homology Containing Protein 4 (Lrch4)-deficient Mouse
Ref: E-179-2014/0 | Updated: Aug 5, 2015
Mouse Strain CAR-KO C3H/HeNCrl, Deletion of Nuclear Xenobiotic Receptor CAR
Ref: E-191-2014/0 | Updated: Aug 5, 2015
Novel Genetic Tristetraprolin (TTP) Knock-in Mouse
Ref: E-287-2014/0 | Updated: Aug 5, 2015
Estrogen-related Receptor (ERR) and Proliferator-activated Receptor Gamma Coactivator (PGC)/ERR Reporter Stable Cell Lines
Ref: E-224-2015/0 | Updated: Aug 6, 2015
WNT1-Induced Secreted Protein-1 Knockout Mouse Model
Ref: E-234-2015/0 | Updated: Aug 6, 2015
Chicken Polyclonal Antiserum to the Nitrone Spin Trap 5,5-dimethyl-1-pyrroline N-oxide (DMPO)
Ref: E-108-2013/0 | Updated: Aug 6, 2015
Rabbit Polyclonal Antiserum to the Nitrone Spin Trap 5,5-dimethyl-1-pyrroline N-oxide (DMPO)
Ref: E-109-2013/0 | Updated: Aug 6, 2015
Magnetic Resonance Magnification Imaging
Ref: E-252-2014/0 | Updated: Jan 12, 2017
Boron Amino Acid Mimetics for PET Imaging of Cancer
Ref: E-135-2015/0 | Updated: Jun 29, 2015
Device for Selective Partitioning of Frozen Cellular Products
Ref: E-173-2009/0 | Updated: Jun 29, 2015
Real-time RT-PCR assay for Detection of Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine for A and B Viruses
Ref: E-560-2013/0 | Updated: Sep 26, 2017


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